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Portland Comic-Con/Ocean House Newport

Currently airing on Amazon Prime Video &

Bend's COTV 11 - Weekdays at 4:30 pm and 10:30 pm

Runtime: 28:30

Format: HD

Year Produced: 2012


Main Subjects:

This episode originally aired in 2012 and was focused on Wizard World's Comic Con @WizardWorld in Portland. Dawn interviews Ray Park @raypark known for his role as Darth Maul #darthmaul and Snake Eyes #snackeyes. Dawn still brags how he is the nicest celebrity she has ever met. She also gets to hang out with Aaron Schoenke from Bat in the Sun @BatintheSun. Grant Wilson @grantswilson from Ghost Hunters updates her on what is happening in his life. She stops by Cosplayer's Yaya Han @YayaHan booth.


She also visits Ocean House Bed and Breakfast #oceanhouse in Newport, Oregon @Newport.

Our crew for this shoot was:


Dawn L. Holmstrom, Creator/Host

Bill Holmstrom Executive Producer

Tim Coburn, Producer

Ryan Oliver, Producer

Jim Sweigart, Producer

Chris Holmstrom, Production Assistant

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